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Tanglewood Guitars heads to The UK Acoustic Guitar Show

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Organiser of The UK Acoustic Guitar Show are pleased to announce Tanglewood Guitars, as they join acoustic brands and other sectors of the music industry in Liverpool, which coincides with the return of The UK Drum Show, the commencing of The UK Bass Guitar Show, postponed from 2020 due to COVID, and the debut of The UK Electric Guitar Show at the ACC in Liverpool.

“As Britain’s biggest selling acoustic guitar brand, we are very proud to support the U.K. Acoustic Guitar Show and at long last meet again with members of our playing family and of course those who are thinking of taking up guitar, in the iconic musical setting of Liverpool, England”.
“Tanglewood Crossroads series, Blackbird, Roadster, Discovery Exotic, Winterleaf, Java, &  Sundance will all be on the booth ready to try… along with show premieres for two new for 2022 ranges, Auld Trinity and Winterleaf Blonde”.
“Although Tanglewood Guitars are now available in stores from Salt Lake City to Sydney, Pretoria to Paris, Jaipur to Jakarta and all points in between, as Britain’s #1, the Liverpool ACC show will be a homecoming event for us all after these terrible pandemic times and we look forward to seeing everyone and making some music”. – Tanglewood Guitars.
“We are thrilled to welcome Tanglewood Guitars to our event, along with all of those that have supported our continuous efforts over the past few years with our vision to deliver a musical journey that arrives in April 2022 in Liverpool. With us adding a further 1000 sqm to our already extensive foot print recently, we can now welcome up to 15,000 guests per day and Tanglewood is just one more reason in our longterm plans to attract musicians, music newcomers and novices to Liverpool.” With more brands to be announced shortly, our ambition is give the trade 30,000 reasons to be part of the UK show – we welcome relevant music makers, distributors and manufactures to join us”. –  OrganisersGold Media & Events.
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Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez joins The UK Acoustic Guitar Show

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GEWA music has announced that it will cooperate exclusively with the renowned 115-year-old brand of the iconic classical instruments “Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez“. Manuel Rodríguez III. will take over the lead in GEWA Guitars for the development of Spanish guitars, carrying the brand “MR – Manuel Rodríguez“, respectively “Caballero by MR“. GEWA will be responsible for the production in its own factories and the worldwide distribution.

Manuel Rodríguez III. has an outstanding knowledge of designing Spanish guitars and great skills in the original Spanish guitar craftsmanship. Due to his talent and excellent connections, Manuel will be the worldwide “genuine brand ambassador“ of his instruments.

Founded in 1905 by Manuel Rodríguez Perez, the brand benefits from three generations of master luthiers and spans the entire range from beginner instruments to mid-level student guitars and up to professional classical guitars. Manufactured in Europe, and selected instruments in a small workshop in Spain, Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez has been highly valued and recognized by classical guitar players all around the world for many years.

For guests that wish to take a look at a variety of Spanish classical guitars, be sure to visit The UK Acoustic Guitar Show 2 & 3 April 2022 at the ACC Liverpool.

About Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez

Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez is a company that, despite its family origins, has reached almost every corner of the world. Founded 116 years ago in Cadiz, Spain, Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez is committed to the culture, spirit and essence of Spanish guitar making. Each of the luthiers who have joined Manuel Rodríguez Guitars in the last 100 years are dedicated to the original values of Manuel Rodríguez: rich in sound, history and beauty.


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Vintage Acoustic Guitars To Exhibit

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With a variety of acoustic, electro-acoustic and signature models, Vintage Guitars will have huge selection for guests to try and buy at The UK Acoustic Guitar Show.

Vintage® Acoustic Guitars combine the very best in the way of traditional aesthetics and time-honoured production techniques with state-of-the-art materials and components. As a result, the expansive range of Vintage acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments enjoys an enviable reputation, chosen and endorsed by professional players and amateur enthusiasts the world over.

For more information on Vintage click here.


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Ovation Guitars Confirmed For Acoustic Show

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Ovation Guitars has confirmed that it will exhibiting at The UK Acoustic Guitar Show the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd of April 2022 at the Liverpool ACC as part of The UK Music Show.

The UK Music Show will include The UK Acoustic Guitar Show, The UK Bass Guitar Show, The UK Drum Show and The UK Electric Guitar Show, all in their own product relevant halls, along with their own corresponding live stages for guest to enjoy over the weekend.

The Ovation Story

Even after more than 50 years, Ovation guitars are still one of the most advanced, forward-thinking and unique designs in the acoustic guitar market. In fact, unlike other acoustic guitars or acoustic-electric guitars, Ovations are truly “electric-acoustic” guitars. These are instruments where the advanced design and integrated electronics are not an after-thought, not a modification to an instrument built to be acoustic… not a compromise to an entirely different focus.

On Ovation guitars, the carefully thought out electronics are part of the design focus from the very beginning. These instruments were Made For The Stage, and as such, they incorporate the latest and most purposeful pickups, preamps and design integration possible. Add to this the sophisticated body design, space-aged materials and superior top construction and you truly have a revolutionary instrument ready to command attention on any stage, in any concert hall or performance venue.

On the banks of the Farmington River in new Hartford, Connecticut, there’s an old New England brick building that was home to Ovation Instruments and of course, the original acoustic roundback guitars.

Ovation was a subsidiary of the Kaman Corporation, an aerospace company employing more than 2,700 employees, where more than 25% were scientists, engineers and technicians. Charles Kaman, the President and a guitar enthusiast, decided that his company could apply its technology to the age-old art of guitar making.

In 1966, after 18 months of testing and research, the Kaman engineers concluded that the most efficient shape for a guitar back is semi-parabolic (like that of an orchestra shell, amphitheater, radar reflector or even the human ear). The sound such a shape produced from any given energy input was, they found, measurably richer, fuller, deeper and more constant from top to bottom of the scale.